*The World’s First Ever Scam-Ad Idea Generator



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Award season is approaching and your Creative Directors are pushing you to come up with ideas worthy of some silverware.

Will these ideas get approved by the client? Will they even run? Who cares!

As long as it has a catchy name and is quirky enough to win over the jury, right?

That’s where Cannes-O-Matic comes in. Simply click to generate a Scam-Ad Idea and see what’s gonna win you your next career-defining award.

Cannes-O-Matic is brought to you by Sandy R McIntosh and Eoghan O’Driscoll, with thanks to Álex García Ruiz for designing the website and David Clapperton for creating it.

For complaints, congrats and other stuff, contact us at hello@cannes-o-matic.com

*Cannes-o-Matic is a parody site and is in no way affiliated with The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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